Behind the scenes?

A while back we organized a photoshoot at Corsendonk Hotels. We do this often, but it always remains a special working day! Curious about what happens behind the camera and behind the scenes at Corsendonk Hotels? Be sure to read on.

Valuable content!

Several times a year we organize a photoshoot at Corsendonk Hotels to show our hotels. This way we show what we have in store for you! The result of such a shooting day? It is precious! Because all the collected images of that day can be found on our website, social media, brochures and advertising campaigns.

Time to plan!

Such an important day better go smoothly. How do you go about the shooting and the planning? First, the overall team determines the subject of the shooting. Do we want to take pictures of the new wellness? Or do we want to show how cozy it can be in our hotels during the fall?

Once that knot is tied, the marketing department focuses on organizing the photoshoot. A date is looked for and coordinated with the hotel manager whether there is time and space for a photoshoot, the photographer is contacted…and of course: enthusiasts are sought who want to stand in front of the lens. There is a lot of preparation involved, in order to make the day run smoothly.

A productive day!

On the morning of the photoshoot, the photographer is ready early, the day is gone over and participants are informed of the schedule.

During our shoots, we like to work with everyday people, like you and me. Not always easy to be a model. But with a pleasant and calm atmosphere, we always create beautiful spontaneous images and videos.

After a whole day of shooting, it is time to wrap up and the photographer starts editing the images. We can expect them in our mailbox a few days later, after which they will of course appear on all our channels.

Want to be in the spotlight too?

Would you like to be in front of the lens of our camera? Then don’t hesitate to send an email to, and who knows, maybe you will be the next face of Corsendonk Hotels!


Restez informé de toutes nos offres, de nos inspirations et de bien d’autres choses encore !