Restaurant & bar at Corsendonk Turnova

Enjoy a delicious drink in the bar at Corsendonk Turnova or choose a gourmet dinner is the Alex Verhoeven restaurants!

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Enjoy a nice aperitif before dinner, a drink after a successful day or a nice hot coffee after a city walk, in our bar and lounge with fireplace you will feel at home immediately! You can choose from a wide range of hot and strong drinks, soft drinks and various beers.


Corsendonk Turnova has a partnership with the restaurants of Chef Alex Verhoeven, all within short walking distance of the hotel. Discover different restaurants below!


Alex Verhoeven, also known as the young top chef of a variety of restaurants, comes from an entrepreneurial family where hard work was the norm. That is why Alex decided to open his own restaurants at a relatively young age.

He has no fixed style in the kitchen and is very open-minded. This makes it possible for him to run very different but one by one unique restaurants. From pure cuisine with respect for nature and the environment to a cosy brasserie known for its classics!

Corsendonk Hotels has culinary partnerships with three of Alex Verhoeven’s establishments: Restaurant Hert, Bistro Bink and Brasserie De Koeiketel. Are you curious about Alex’s culinary creations? Then take a look at our culinary delights packages below!

Restaurant Hert

Turnova is a recently renovated district of Turnhout. Within walking distance of the hotel Corsendonk Turnova is the restaurant Hert, which is located on the top floor of the brand-new Turnova Tower, with an overwhelming view of the city of Turnhout and the green surroundings.

With his new project, Alex Verhoeven is going for a culinary experience in all openness. Under the leadership of Chef Alex Verhoeven, the team brings a pure cuisine with respect for the environment. The open kitchen stands for transparency and interaction between the chefs and the guests. The honesty of the open kitchen extends to the plates. Discover it for yourself!

Bistro Bink

Bistro Bink is located in the former premises of printing house Brepolis, within walking distance of Corsendonk Turnova.

At Bink, they stand for pure cuisine that lets the product speak for itself in all its simplicity. Under the leadership of chef Lars Block, the team serves dishes that make use of the international flavours that have inspired his cooking style.


De Koeiketel is a well-known brasserie located in Turnhout. This brasserie used to be known as one of the largest hardware stores in the city. The brasserie prepares the classics of the past complemented by the innovative techniques of the present.

Chef Alex Verhoeven and his team are ready to serve you a truly gourmet experience! Take a look at the culinary delights package in combination with a gourmet 3-course dinner in bistro De Koeiketel!


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