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Stay the night in a former monastery, relax in a luxurious spa, cycle or hike through beautiful nature reserves or unwind by the sea!
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What our visitors say

Great accommodation and nice weekend in the Kempen region!

We really enjoyed a wonderful overnight stay and weekend in the Kempen. We truly enjoyed the beautiful historical location and delicious gastronomy! - Google Reviews

Priorij Corsendonk

Warm welcome and charming hotel!

Warm welcome and charming hotel. Rooms are spacious and the bed is comfortable, also nice and warm walk-in shower. Abundant breakfast buffet which includes fresh juices! A treat from start to finish, we had everything we needed and more! Breakfast is served in a pleasant room, with large windows that open out onto the garden. Highly recommended! -

Corsendonk Hooge Heyde

We want to thank you again for the great cooperation!

We would like to thank you again for your cooperation and service. We have heard only positive reactions from the various delegations and officials. We can definitely speak of a very successful wheelchair dancing world championship to which you have certainly contributed. - Google Reviews

Corsendonk Viane

It was sublime for us!

We really enjoyed the location, venue, food, hotel, service ... It was sublime for us, thank you very much! We get a lot of positive feedback from the guests, which is always nice. We have decided that we will certainly return to have dinner one day! @Tom (chef): congratulations on your cooking. Your gin-tonic mousse was a hit, something to be really proud of! -

Priorij Corsendonk

Would recommend for both private and business!

Very nicely refurbished and modernised hotel. In a beautiful, quiet and rural environment. Personal welcome and friendly service. Very beautiful rooms. Great bar. Very good gourmet cuisine. Recommended for both private and business use. -

Corsendonk Hooge Heyde

Tasty and large breakfast and dinner buffet!

The breakfast and dinner buffets were tip top, lots of choice and very tasty! The rooms are certainly spacious and have all the necessary facilities. The location of your hotel is great, just a few metres from Blankenberge and the coast. We will definitely visit again! -

Corsendonk Duinse Polders

Beautiful rooms!

Very nice hotel located in the city centre of Turnhout. Beautiful rooms, very large breakfast buffet. We will definitely visit again! -

Corsendonk Turnova

Thank you very much for the good care!

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of us during our party! It was really fantastic, we enjoyed the wonderful weather but also the venue and all the food and the help we got from you and your colleagues with everything. The room was buzzing with compliments from all the guests. Thank you for that! -

Priorij Corsendonk

Quietly located and close to Bobbejaanland!

Quietly located in a wooded area and close to the amusement park Bobbejaanland: 5-minute drive away. Very neat for and friendly staff Varied breakfast buffet. Beautiful rooms. - Google Reviews

Corsendonk Hooge Heyde

Nice that the hotel is located close to the beach

We really enjoyed our holiday at the coast with you. It is so nice that the hotel is so close to the beach, and the coastal tram is also very convenient. Thanks for the good service! -

Corsendonk Duinse Polders

Thanks for the great support

Thanks to all of you for the efficient and fine support in all the practical organisation of our two-day event! I have since heard that it was a successful trip and that everything went according to plan. Thank you very much! -

Corsendonk Viane

Lounge bar with gas fire is super cosy

Friendly welcome. Lounge bar with gas fire is super cosy. Neat rooms with all comforts (everything recently renewed). Surprisingly delicious cuisine. Highly recommended! - Google Reviews

Corsendonk Hooge Heyde

Slept well and enjoyed a nice breakfast!

We chose the culinary delights package and are very satisfied. We slept amazingly in the high-quality bed and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Very friendly service and reception staff! -

Corsendonk Turnova

Can’t wait to visit again!

Beautifully renovated hotel in a quiet area. Delicious and charming restaurant. Beautiful breakfast room, everything you need is there. Nice restaurant, tasty menu with good matching wines, friendly staff. The rooms are spacious, with good mattresses and wonderful pillows. Spacious bathroom with shower and tub. Genuine Rituals products available. Can’t wait to visit again! -

Corsendonk Hooge Heyde


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