What did you think of the gastronomic meals?

“The gastronomic food served was very neat. Moreover, it was very nicely arranged on the plate, and of course…. very tasty!” says Cindy.

“The gastronomic food was very nice and varied. Also very nice wines.” adds Lut.


What did you think of the rooms at Corsendonk Hooge Heyde?

“I found the rooms at Corsendonk Hooge Heyde very clean, nice and spacious. Especially very good beds. I do find that very important,” says Lut, laughing.

Have you discovered our range of cocktails/mocktails?

“Nice that there is a wide range of cocktails and mocktails. We definitely sampled some of them and they are super tasty, although they are not for the driver….  Fortunately, we were able to stay overnight at the hotel.” says Terry, laughing.

Would you recommend the package and to whom?

“The gastronomic package I would definitely recommend to our friends. We will bring our husbands next time. The hotels are very luxurious and also ideal for a weekend with the family.” says Ria.

Did you unwind during the package?

“Yes, we really unwinded. In the hotel, in the surroundings, in the nature,… In the evening we also enjoyed the wellness facilities in the hotel, which is great!” adds Nadine.

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