Discover the hiking trails around Corsendonk Hooge Heyde!

Are you ready for some nature adventure near Corsendonk Hooge Heyde? The green surroundings of our hotels are enriched with hiking opportunities and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re a local or hotel guest from the other side of Belgium, we list three wonderful hiking areas you absolutely don’t want to miss.

The Kempense Heuvelrug

Around the corner from Corsendonk Hooge Heyde is the magical Kempense Heuvelrug. This natural paradise stretches across Kasterlee, Retie and Oud-Turnhout and offers a mix of forests, dunes and fens. Start your adventure, for example, in the nature reserve De Hoge Vijvers, where you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails around magnificent lakes. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because the Kempense Heuvelrug offers endless Insta-worthy photos.

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The Kabouterberg

In the Kempense Heuvelrug you will find an enchanting area to visit with your family! Because among the tall trees and open grassy fields you can hear the story of the gnomes who live there, and maybe even see one!

In addition, the area full of sand and dune ridges is the ideal place to climb, crawl and play. It is the ideal day trip with the kids.

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Lilse Bergen

About 10 kilometers away from Kasterlee is the popular recreational park Lilse Bergen, known for its beautiful lakes and green surroundings. Although a hot spot for swimming and water sports especially in the summer, Lilse Bergen also has a network of hiking trails waiting to be discovered. Hike through lush forests, along the waterfront and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. After your hike, you can rest on the beach or have a cozy picnic on one of the many grassy areas.

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Look no further!

So, if you are looking for hiking opportunities around Corsendonk Hooge Heyde then look no further. This area is full of breathtaking natural areas just waiting to be discovered. Put on your hiking boots and let the adventure begin!

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