Hiking with children is not always easy. Near the Kempen Corsendonk Hotels there are several walks that are completely adapted to children!


The ‘Hekselienpad’ in Retie is an adventurous 2,5 km walk to do with young children. Follow Hekselien through a fairytale-like piece of nature along little bridges and hay meadows, all the way to a witches’ playground. During the walk you’ll encounter fun assignments.

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The ‘Pagadder path’ is a 2.5 km walk where your children will be challenged to move in different ways along the way: walking on water, jumping, running like a fox/rabbit/ree, shooting pine cones, balancing, pulling a boat along, …

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The ‘Kabouterberg’ on the Kempense Heuvelrug is a unique experience for children aged 3 to 7. It is a wooded area with sand and dune ridges where children can climb, crawl and play in the sand to their heart’s content. There is a fun walk of 1,5 kilometers with some stopping points at fun locations, for example, a maze, sand flats, aerial roots and a stage.

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Walking with babies and toddlers? In Retie there are several walks that are suitable to do with the baby carriage: the village walk, the Sint-Job walk and the Prinsenpark also has a lot of walking paths that are almost all accessible.

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