How had you heard about the cycling package with luggage delivery service?

“We had first heard of the cycling package with luggage delivery service through a friend and I came across it again on Facebook after this and so did you huh?” Brigitte looks at her husband Charlie while smiling.

“Yes right” says Charlie. “And that’s how we got there.”

What did you think of the cycling and walking trails?

“The cycling and walking trails…. I thought in the beginning: ‘oh 30 kilometers, I think I’ll never make it’. But it turned out really well!” says Brigitte.

What were your findings on the different hotels, breakfasts and dinners?

“Breakfast was always super delicious in every hotel. Very comprehensive. And yes dinner was also perfect! Really, class!” says Brigitte.

“The rooms were beautiful in all the hotels. Slept well … of course we sleep well after such a tour!” both, laughing.

What did you think of the nature you passed along the way?

“The Antwerp Campine, that is most beautiful region in Belgium! You have everything, you have forest, you have water, you have beautiful nature. Really good!” Brigitte agrees.

Would you recommend the package and to whom?

“We would definitely recommend the cycling package with luggage delivery service to our friends…the epicureans. Especially not lugging the suitcases around and having it all brought on site they are going to love it!”

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