The most beautiful nature reserves

The Kempen is the greenest region of Flanders with several beautiful nature reserves. Discover ancient landscapes and unwind in the beautiful countryside!

De Liereman

Landscape De Liereman in the Kempen (between Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk) is one of the oldest nature reserves in Belgium. De Liereman is unique because you can find a wide variety of typical Kempish vegetation. During your walk you will come across wet and dry heathland, gorse woodland, alder and willow thickets, birch-oak forest, pine forest, shifting dune and grassland. De Liereman is home to 70 species of breeding birds and several amphibians and mammals. At the visitors center of the nature reserve you can find more information about the different, beautiful walks and you can also have a drink.

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The Turnhouts Vennengebied is a unique nature reserve north of Turnhout with more than 200 ha of fens, heaths and grasslands. The open landscape is the perfect environment for various meadow birds. There are several walks in the Vennengebied, in the visitor center you can plan your walk.

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Prinsenpark is a beautiful 215 ha domain in Retie. The domain is a green oasis with forests, meadows and water features. The small heath areas remind of the time when the farmers let their sheep graze here. There are 5 signposted walking paths through the woods and along the ponds.

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Hoge Mouw

Het Provinciaal Groendomein Hoge Mouw is part of the Kempense Heuvelrug between Lichtaart and Kasterlee. The area currently amounts to almost 100 ha. The Kempense Heuvelrug is the biggest relief of the region. In this area you can find coniferous forests interspersed with heaths, fens such as Zwart Water or Snepkensvijver, parabola dunes, hollow roads and deciduous forests.

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