Every hotel manager has a whole team behind him or her that he or she can count on to pamper hotel guests every day. So it’s important to stay informed about how they and their tasks are going. A visit to the kitchen to check with the chef on how things are going in the restaurant, a conversation with the maître d’hôtel to go over the past weekend… So if you’ve already stayed in a Corsendonk Hotel, you’ve surely seen the managers walking around in the hotels.

The rest of the day is filled with administrative tasks that can’t be ignored! Incoming reservations are kept up to date, requests that came in during the weekend are invoiced and shift transfers are reviewed. In between all these tasks, they keep an eye on one very important item: the hotel’s budget.



Hotel managers not only work with the hotel staff, but are in almost daily contact with the overarching Corsendonk Hotels team. They discuss important decisions about the hotel with the CEO/CFO, and they can expect a weekly visit from the sales/marketing team. Together with them, the managers set up actions to promote the hotel even more. Think of a photoshoot to showcase the brand new wellness or an action with an external partner.


Thanks to all the hard work, the hotels are growing strongly and managers hold regular job interviews to find new additions to the hotel. So as a hotel manager, it is not only important to be precise and structured. You must also be an excellent “People Manager” as you are constantly hiring, selecting and supervising hotel staff.


Each Corsendonk Hotel has its own character and its own facilities! A wellness, delicious gastronomy, cycling and walking routes, meeting rooms, party rooms… For the party rooms, requests regularly flood in and the hotel managers are happy to give a guided tour to interested parties! Once the guests are completely sold on the room with all its possibilities, the hotel manager and the team start organizing the party. This is done with a sheet meeting, a meeting in which the upcoming parties and their possibilities are discussed.


Toward the end of the week, it’s time for a round of checks. Is everything in order for next week’s events? Do important things still need to be put in order such as menu design? Then the graphics team is contacted! No detail is overlooked.

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